UbiNetics GC201 GSM PCMCIA Mobile Phone Card

The Ubinetics GC201 is a Type II PCMCIA card which offers dual-band GSM connectivity, both as a phone and modem. Most portable computers and some PDAs come with a built in modem these days but there are still some which do not. Even if you have a built-in modem, it is likely to require a landline connection or link to a mobile phone before you can actually make a call. This is not always convenient. For the ultimate in portability and lack of fuss, try the GC201 from UbiNetics, which is a dual-band GSM PCMCIA Card module, suitable for any portable computer or PDA with a slot for a Type II PC Card.
The card itself comes with a hands free kit, so you can make calls in private rather than routing them through your computer’s speaker. The best thing about this GSM modem, though, is that it doesn’t require a phone to be anywhere nearby. All you need is to pop your SIM into the PC Card itself and it will get all the data it needs from your operator. If you use a PDA like Compaq’s IPAQ this will be a particularly neat and compact arrangement.

The GC201 is voice, data, fax and SMS capable and data speeds can get up to 14.4 Kbps. The hardware comes with a copy of PhoneTools software. If you are a portable computer user this can manage all your communications needs and provide answering machine services.

If you are a laptop or PDA user and communicating while on the move has become part of your daily routine, the GC201 could be the ideal accessory. –Sandra Vogel

Product Description
PCMCIA mobile phone card that works in laptops and with the iPAQ. Just insert your SIM and have wireless access to your ISP. Notebook computers or PDA handhelds and GSM technology make great companions, allowing mobile users to keep in touch with their diaries and messages. The mobile lifestyle is made possible with the introduction of powerful devices that release the user from the confines of the home or office. However, hooking up a GSM cellphone to a notebook is never that easy and not that convenient. Both problems are neatly overcome by the latest GSM device from UbiNetics, the GC201, a PC Card implementation of a GSM cellphone. With the GC201, the user is able to telephone, send and receive e-mails, faxes and SMS messages, as well as browse the Internet. Such convergence is unparalleled in the world of mobile computing. The GC201 is a dual-band GSM Type II PC Card, supporting voice, data, fax and SMS. It can be used in any laptop, Notebook or PDA which has a PC Card slot and supports Windows® OS. Connection can be made to the Internet using the built-in modem, offering data transfer speeds up to 14.4kbps. E-mails and SMS messages can be sent and received remotely or synchronised with the user’s PC or office-based network when convenient. The UbiNetics GC201 offers the power to bring together all personal and office-related mobile communication needs. Note: Pocket PC drivers are now shipped with every GC201 which work with the Compaq iPAQ and PC card jacket. Note: This device will not support GPRS. It will not work with Java SIM’s issued by Orange. You will need to get a mini SIM (3V or 5V/3V) from your provider. Note: To use the GC201 card with Windows ME, an additional driver is required – please contact our technical support team who will e-mail the drivers to you. Note: There are no XP drivers available for this product, so it will not work under XP.


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