PCMCIA Cardbus

1x SATA Port
1x eSATA Port
Single Slot Design

1.5Gbps, 3.0Gbps Mobile SATA.
500Mbps High Speed of Serial ATA
3,000Mbps High Speed of External Serial ATA (eSATA) Ports on your Notebook Computer to Access Storage Devices
Support HDD larger than137GB at Very High Performance.

This 32bit PC Card can upgrade your notebook computer to have dual dangleless SATA Channels.

provides a 32bit CardBus interface on the host side and dual, fully compliant SATA and eSATA ports on the device side to access Serial ATA Mobile storage media such as hard disk drive, floppy disk drive, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM at 1, 500Mbps or 3, 000Mbps high speed transfer rate.


Supports High Speed Transfer Rate 1, 500Mbps or 3,000Mbps,

Compatible with 480Mbps of USB2.0 and 400Mbps of 1394A

48 bits LBA can Break Capacity-Limit to Support HDD larger than 500GB

Special enhanced SATA or eSATA shell connectors for Mobile HDD, Mobile CD-ROM, Mobile DVD, Mobile CD-RW

PC Card 32 bit CardBus fully compliant

1x high speed Serial ATA interface port
1x high speed external Serial ATA interface port, supporting 1st generation SATA data rate 1.5Gbps and 2ND generation SATA data rates 3.0Gbps

Fully compliant with Serial ATA 1.5G or 3.0G specifications

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