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As I anticipated in my Quillink tumblelog, some days ago I tried a little test to see if my 2GB PCMCIA Toshiba hard drive would work in my Newton MP2100. The PCMCIA card has the correct voltage and is 16-bit, so I thought that at worst I would receive the ‘card not recognised’ warning from the Newton.

Before even starting, though, I remembered to install the ATA Support drivers, written by Paul Guyot (too bad he has stopped Newton development for now, I miss him). Later, when I inserted the card, I was happy to see these screen:


I requested information about the card by tapping on [i] and I was pleased to see it was correctly recognised:


In the compatibility table that was previously available on Guyot’s website, this particular drive is listed among the “Recognised but abnormally slow cards”. As I previously wrote, I don’t think I’ll…

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